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Trivia Test

How many of these questions about classic rock songs and their lyrics can you answer? Hint: All the answers can be found within the blog entries for

  1. What musicians made it first into Joe’s Classic Rock Jewish Hall of Fame?
  2. What classic rock group did Joe’s wife recommend blogging about while on a day trip to Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire?
  3. What Kinks song generated a rare reaction from Danny the custodian during Joe’s summer job back in high school?
  4. Who was Joe’s Mulberry Hill Lane neighbor at one time?
  5. What song written and sung by a Jew about the after life always seems to bring a smile to Joe’s face?
  6. What Who song does Joe think best describes his bike ride on the Nashua River Trail?
  7. What Chuck Berry song reminds Joe of a endless hitchhiking trip he took back in college?
  8. What Beatles song did Joe’s nanny dance to with her British friends back in 1963?
  9. What famous singer-songwriter did Joe’s older brother insist: “You need to listen to this.”
  10. What kind of speakers did Joe buy for his first stereo system?
  11. What song does Joe believe is as good a Civil War lesson as any high school class?
  12. What British guitarist does Joe rank No. 1 of all time?
  13. What Neil Young song, recorded while he was with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, helped get Joe interested in protest songs?
  14. What Lynyrd Skynyrd song always brings Joe back to college and a black eye he received during a scuffle at Cornell University?
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